Editorial Services

Editorial Services
As an editor, I want your manuscript to shine, the operative word being your. That means my goal is not only to help hone each writer’s work in a way that incorporates all the elements of a story well told, but also to cultivate and preserve the writer’s voice and style throughout the editing process.

So, how does the process work? The first step is to determine what level of editing you are looking for or need. Is it basic proofreading and copy editing, a more extensive developmental editing, or something in between? If you’re not sure, that’s okay. We can discuss all your options during the initial consultation. As soon as we’ve settled on the terms (time frames, whether you prefer to work electronically or with hard copy, etc.), we can get started.

Some of the Writing Projects I Can Help You With

Manuscript Editing ~ Good manuscript editing involves considering the big picture and paying attention to detail.

  • For fiction manuscripts, I will provide both broad brushstroke-style feedback and specific comments pertaining to important elements of craft, such as plot, pacing, character development, dialogue, and point-of-view. I will identify places where the writing could benefit from being more active (less passive), and look at word choice (Is it fresh and interesting? Have you inadvertently repeated certain words and phrases throughout?).
  • In nonfiction works, I will consider the accessibility of the material. Is it written in a way that is naturally sequential, comprehensible, and well paced? Are there lingering questions of logic that need to be addressed? Is the material organized and/or formatted in a way that best serves it?

Book Proposals ~ Do you have a great idea for a nonfiction book? I can help you put together a professional proposal that is comprehensive and compelling.

Brochures and Newsletters ~ Marketing materials are meant to communicate what you do best, and the most effective way to get that message across is with clean, sharp copy.

Technical Writing ~ Successful educational and instructional writing is clear, consistent, and concise. Are you writing a book or blog on crafts, cooking, or woodworking? Working on a textbook, manual, or directions for product packaging? In addition to editing the directions, I will create a handy customized style sheet you can refer to for future additions or similar projects.

I worked with Cindy at Disney Publishing Worldwide, where I copyedited her editing for years. She made my job easy, because she did hers so well. She’s a really solid developmental editor who knows what a piece needs to be complete, polished, and satisfying. — Laura MacKay, principal/copywriter, Clarity

Some of the Clients I Have Provided Editorial Services For

  • Parragon Publishing
  • Disney Internet Group
  • Disney Press
  • Storey Publishing
  • Demand Media
  • Rodale
  • FamilyFun Magazine (creative development team)
  • New England Watershed Magazine